Each year humans discard over 8 million tons of plastic into the ocean. The damage wrought on marine life is vast and varied, killing species at all levels of the food chain due to starvation, suffocation, poisoning, and entanglement in debris. Because ecosystems are interconnected, this affects not only wildlife, but also vulnerable human communities. The destruction is unsustainable and was the motivating force behind the founding of Walden Athletic. 

Inspired by nature and its processes of continual regeneration, our purpose since day one has been to produce clothing in ways that benefit wild places, their ecological systems, and the people who rely on them to make a living. Our entire line of apparel and accessories is made from Earth-friendly textiles whose production promotes healthy ecosystems and pollution reduction. We invite you to explore the possibilities with us.


The use of recycled and low environmental-impact textiles is at the heart of our vision for sustainability, and we make our products from only these types of materials. This began with our first collection of swimwear made from recycled polyamide and polyester derived from the recycling of discarded items like water bottles, fishing nets, and synthetic carpets. We have since expanded the range of textiles we use to include organic cotton and Tencel™ Lyocell, both of which reduce the use of pesticides and water in production and decrease pollutants and greenhouse gases released into the environment.


We believe in fair pay and safe working conditions for all individuals contributing to our supply chain, and are careful to work only with garment contractors who meet such standards. We select and verify contractors through facility visits, stakeholder interviews, assessment of the local political and social environment, and review of third party audits.

Our Garment Contractors Include:

Maylin Sewing Co. Inc. (Swimwear and Underwear, USA)

Vargare Garment Manufacturing (Swimwear, Indonesia)

Guangzhou Enchi Garment Factory (Woven Shorts, China)

Anaya Brother Cutting & Sewing (Cutting Service, USA)

My City Screen Printing (Screen Printing, USA)

Allmade (T-Shirts, USA, Haiti, other locations)

Fulfillment and Shipping

We purchase all of our packaging materials from EcoEnclose, a highly trusted supplier based in Denver, CO, who has made it their mission to “develop and offer the world's most sustainable ecommerce packaging solutions.” Our packaging and shipping containers are plastic-free and made from recycled and recyclable paper products. 

Returns for External Stakeholders

In addition to sourcing sustainable and fair-trade materials and suppliers, we also view our business as a way to help conserve vital ecosystems by supporting external partners who are making a difference. Since 2018, we have made annual donations to Greater Farallones Association, who work to manage and preserve the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary while educating Bay Area communities about the importance of the ocean and its ecosystem services.