First Timer? Welcome the the Skull and Pine Life!

Our Club Brief is our best selling style, and for those in the know, has become a sustainable summer staple. Once you wear this suit out in the open water, you’ll immediately know why.

Here are five things you should expect on your first swim in your new Waldens:

  1. Freedom of movement you just can’t experience in shorts. You’ll immediately feel quicker, more agile, and confident in your stroke

  2. Unburdened body = unburdened mind. Your thoughts become clearer and experience more vivid when the drag of extra fabric is eliminated

  3. A union intensified. Deepen your connection with the water as your skin encounters the ebb and flow of the currents. The direct communion revitalizes the primal bond with the aquatic realm

  4. The warm bliss of the sun on your thighs. It’s one of those things you don’t know until you know, and it’s kind of addictive so we recommend a strong SPF!

  5. Good energy abounds. There’s no vibe like freedom - spread it around at every beach, boat, and pool party that’s graced with your presence